About Translators


To pick the right professional, we will take in mind the translator background: if your text is about marketing, we will pick someone that worked in that area before or a big enthusiast of those matters. This way we assure that the translator will easily understand the text and will be motivated to translate it the best way he can. A motivated translator comfortable with the subject will more likely deliver a top quality text.

To be part of our Dream Team, the translator needs to meet the further requirements:

Native speaker

Fluent in two languages (minimum)

Excellent writing skills

Keen to detail

1+ year experience in translating

Great understanding in vocabulary, synthesis, style, proofreading, tone and grammar

Technical knowledge is appreciated (gaming, travel, arts, medical, economy, documentation, apps, legal, website, etc)

Availability to work five days a week

Non-disclosure agreement signed, regarding our clients

HTML basic knowledge

After start working with us, the translators will be aware of our high standards and they must be compliant with the commitment we have within our clients.
Notice that we assure 100% satisfaction and you will pay only when you feel fully satisfied with the version delivered. The same happens with our translators: they are paid when their work is accepted as 100% satisfactory.